S.T.S. Floor Cleaner & Safety Treatment

S.T.S. Floor Cleaner & Safety Treatment

Product Size: 1 Gallon

Reduces potential for slips & falls

Increases slip resistance

Two-in-one; safety & cleaning at the same time


Reduces costs

Works on Organic and Inorganic Soils

SAF-T-STEP® S.T.S.TM Slip-Resistant Cleaner Treatment is formulated for use on porous floors such as quarry and ceramic tile, concrete floors. It is used full strength or diluted to remove both grease deposits and silica stains while restoring the stone floor surface to its original slip-resistant condition. Ideally suited for the Food Service industry on kitchen floors and prep areas; restaurants, commissaries, fast food and food service operations. Industrial applications in manufacturing facilities, school shower rooms and anywhere else that slips and falls are a problem.
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